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"A Lawyer is a student till he dies, once he considers himself not a student anymore, the lawyer inside him dies!!"

Calicut Bar Association is one among the oldest Bar Association in India. It was formed on 31st March 1886 as a library association presided over by Wilkinson, the then District Judge. Thereafter for a decade, the District Judge officiated as the president and the SubJudge as vice-president of the Association, with four members of the Bar. It was a Library Association until 1925. Thereafter it was termed as Calicut Bar Association. Even now, the library is known as "Wilkinson Law Library", which is even now maintained as comprehensive reference library with up-to-date law books and law journals. Calicut Bar Association is one of the biggest Bar Associations in Kerala, having 1750 members.

Founder Managing Committee

Founder Managing Committee 1886

"A true lawyer is one who places truth and service in the first place and the emoluments of the profession in the next place only."-Mahathma Gandhi

Mr.Frank H.Wilkinson



Vice President



Mr.Sankara Narayana Iyer

Sub Secretary

Mr.Vythree Menon


Our Staff

"A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skills of others."-Norman Shidle

Sri. Sudheendran.T.V

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Sr. Librarian
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Asst. Manager
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Trust For Advocates Social Security Kozhikode(TASSK)

The Calicut Bar Association has its own significant tradition, unlike other associations. The creation of the trust in the field of social security was not the version of any individual alone. On different occasions, several members of the Bar including senior members like late Adv.T.M.Rajashekaran had expressed the desire of forming a scheme for providing some sort of social security among our members. It was in this background the managing committee of 2005 of the Calicut Bar Association led by Adv. Sabi Joseph, President, and Adv. Sri Srikanth.S.Nair, Secretary, in its installation ceremony on 03.01.2005 proclaimed that the committee shall evolve a social security scheme and implement it during their term of office. The Calicut Bar Association is having the pride among the legal fraternity of our country that TASSK is unique in nature which was inaugurated by Justice Mr.J.B.Koshy.TASSK owes an immeasurable amount of gratitude to its first chairman late Adv.P.M.Muhammed Ali, who whole heartily assimilated the noble vision of helping the fellow beings and strive hard to implement the task assigned to him. The TASSK is nearing completion of the 12th year of its function. As on now, the Trust is having a total membership of 562.

Advocates Welfare Society

Advocates Welfare Society is a separate self-oriented wing of Calicut Bar Association. This society was registered under the Societies Registration Act in the year 1995. This society has different activities for the welfare of Advocate Members. It runs canteens to provide good and homely food to members at a reasonable rate and to provide the supply of stationary and grocery items to members at a reasonable rate. It conducts mutual benefit scheme so as to encourage financial savings by members. This society is managed by elected Director Board consisting of Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer and Executive Members. President and Secretary of Bar Association are its ex-officio executive members. There are two types of memberships in the society, that is (1)life and (2)ordinary. To strengthen the Society, all members of the Bar Association should become life members of the society. It is now realised that this society is playing an important role in the Bar Association. All are to co-operate for the smooth running and development of the society. We salute the founder members of the society.

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Previous Committee Members

Presidents & Secretaries


Name Year
Mr.Frank.H.Wilkinson 1886
Mr.Lewis Moore 1887 - 1892
Mr.R.H.Benson 1892 - 1895
Not traceable 1894 - 1924
Mr.K.P.Raman Menon 1925 - 1930
Mr.K.Madhavan Nair 1931 - 1933
Mr.T.A.Sesha Iyer 1934 - 1935
Mr.Manjeri Rama Iyer 1936
Mr.U.Gopala Menon 1937
Mr.K.V.Suryanarayana Iyer 1938 - 1940
Mr.C.Krishnan Nair 1941
President Year
Mr.N.Radhakrishnan 1981
Mr.K.E.Gopinath 1982
Mr.T.P.Aravindakshan 1983
Mr.K.Ramankutty Nair 1984
Mr.P.Shivaraman Nair 1985
Mr.M.Ratnasingh 1986
Mr.N.K.Sreenivasan Nair 1987
Mr.C.K.Gopalan Nambiar 1988
Mr.P.Balagopalan Nair 1989
Mr.P.P.Balan 1990


Committee Members

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